“I had been in excruciating pain for 8 days in my back and chest.. I’d seen a private massage therapist for 4 hours, and had zero relief. I searched online for a chiropractor to hopefully get some relief. I found Dr Curtis Stone, and was able to book online with him for the next day (today). He took his time, figuring out what was going on and how to best help me. I was treated as an individual, not a number..in that same visit, I was introduced to Jordan, who I booked with for the next day. I got home from seeing Curtis, and I had finally found some relief. I had some time in my day when the pain was far less than I’d been experiencing for the last 8 days. That man’s hands are magic! His clinic has a great continuity of care, and I’ll never again go anywhere else.

Thank you Curtis and team!”


“I was blessed with beautiful twin boys. One twin was having trouble turning his head and was developing a flat spot. I was referred to Dr. Amanda McKenzie by other twin mommas when he was 4 months old. I will admit I was a bit nervous at first but within 3 visits I had a new son. I had seen glimmers of him, but it was clear that the pain was shadowing his joy of life. It has now been over a year since we started seeing Dr. Amanda and you can’t tell which twin had the flat spot. Dr. Amanda saved my son from a life of pain and discomfort. She has become an invaluable part of my family and medical team. She gave me back my son and I will forever be in her debt.”


“My family and I moved to Calgary and I was looking to continue with the same holistic care that I was receiving in Edmonton…I was referred to Southcentre Health & Wellness and haven’t looked back! I started on monthly Massage & Chiropractic adjustments until the final stages of my pregnancy where I went weekly and added in Acupuncture treatments as well. Although I ended up delivering two weeks past my due date, the care and treatment I received at SCHW contributed to an amazing 2 hour natural birth experience. I urge anyone looking to optimize their health and wellness to connect with the group. A big thanks to Dr Stone, Dr McKenzie, Dr Nuttall, Francis, Vaughn & Danielle for all their care and attention.”


“I am a dentist who had three out of four major tears in my rotator cuff. After six consecutive weeks of acupuncture treatments, I can now continue practicing pain free!! Acupuncture cures without taking medication. What sets Southcentre Health and Wellness apart from other clinics? Results.”

Dr. Wayne

“I fully credit Dr. Stone and Danielle with the return of mobility and painlessness in my neck, back and arms following a motor vehicle accident in which I was rear ended. Their careful treatment and support made all the difference in my recovery and I recommend them to everyone I know.”


“I have seen chiropractors for most of my life, but when I met the doctors at Southcentre Health and Wellness, I knew I was going to stay here forever! They are all very flexible and adjust in a similar fashion, so even if you see one doctor regularly, but they are unavailable one day, one of the other doctors will also be able to take care of you. I usually come in once a week because I know my body and I know weekly adjustments help me, and every visit they give me an update on what they feel and what needs to be adjusted. They definitely keep me in the loop with my care!”


“If I were to use one simple word to explain Danielle’s massage, it would have to be “calming.” I don’t think that I have ever had a massage where I started to instantly relax and feel a general sense of calm as soon as the therapist’s hands touched my body. She did some wonderful compression techniques before and after having massaged a body area, and that really created a sense of initiating touch and closing each massage section. I am feeling so calm and relaxed, that this is what remains in my memory, even after only a couple of hours. Wow… massage haze!”


“Fantastic service in all areas, I have been going here for years. Massage, Chiropractic, A.R.T., Graston, Acupuncture are all services I have received and had fantastic treatments and results over the years. Friendly staff and direct billing also add to the ease of the experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone.


“Dr. Stone and his team spend time diagnosing and treating their patients with a consultative approach. This effective mindset has kept me a loyal patient for more than 10 years and has inspired numerous referrals.”



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