Our Team

Our Team


Samantha Amoruso

Office Administration

Samantha was born and raised in Calgary and joined the team in 2018. She has a background in public relations, as well as funeral service. Samantha finds the most joy in the spending time with her husband, and her dogs, Bruno, Otis, and Stella. Along with her love for animals, Samantha has a soft spot for our senior patients and loves hearing their stories and wisdom they share.

Crystal Ostrowski


Crystal Ostrowski

Crystal is passionate about how our remarkable bodies function, and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. She will strive to help you attain your best health, and achieve your wellness goals. Crystal takes pride in leading an active lifestyle through swimming, running, and discovering some of Alberta’s best hiking trails.

Kiran Sahni


Kiran became a member of our team in 2019. In her free time, she enjoys taking her dog, Frankie, for walks around various dog parks in Calgary.  Kiran also loves trying out all the new restaurants around the city. You can find her smiling face at our front desk handling appointments, insurance claims, and everything in between.

Kara Hansen


Kara Hansen

Kara has lived in Calgary all her life and has a vested interest in medicine and health. She is happy to provide support and answer questions about health & wellness. In her free time she enjoys painting and drawing, and continuing to explore what the city has to offer.


Dr. Curtis Stone, DC, C-Ped

Owner, Chiropractor and Pedorthist

Dr. Curtis Stone is the owner of Southcentre Health & Wellness and has been a Chiropractor since 2003. He has multiple degrees including Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Pedorthist. As a Certified Pedorthist, Dr. Stone can also offer his patients a foot and gait analysis. His chiropractic style is very diversified using manual manipulations, Graston techniques, stretches and exercises, as well as nutrition to treat patients with various ailments. He is also WCB certified and cares for patients who have been involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents. Dr. Stone is a dog lover, enjoys playing sports, loves the great outdoors, and spending quality time with his family.

Dr. Jeff McKenzie, DC


Dr. Jeff McKenzie has been practicing in Calgary since 2005. He has extensive clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic pain. Dr. McKenzie has been a certified Active Release Techniques (ART) provider since 2005; ART is a soft-tissue rehabilitation technique that focuses on injuries including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, rotator cuff, carpal tunnel, and tension headaches. Dr. McKenzie focuses on patient centered care, always considering each patient’s specific needs, and creating individualized treatments plans accordingly. When he’s not in clinic, Dr. McKenzie can be found with his family skiing or camping, but most often hanging out with the second love of his life – his dirtbike.

Dr. Amanda McKenzie, B.Sc., DC


Dr. Amanda McKenzie has been practicing Chiropractic in Calgary since 2005. She is very passionate about whole family chiropractic care, and believes in building a holistic care plan for every patient with a collaborative approach. Dr. McKenzie provides gentle chiropractic care while working with her patients, and has built a strong referral community both in our clinic and beyond to meet those needs. Dr. McKenzie works extensively with women, focusing on both maternity and pediatric care for newborns and children of all ages. She is Webster Technique Certified and has considerable experience working with malpositioned babies during pregnancy, babies with birth trauma, rotational preferences in head and neck positioning of infants, along with a multitude of other issues in newborns and children. Dr. McKenzie is a mother of three, all of whom have been chiropractic patients from their earliest days. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, reading, skiing (fairly badly), camping, and trying to keep up with her husband Dr. Jeff McKenzie, on their dirt bikes.

Dr. Brian Omar, DC


Dr. Brian Omar cares for those suffering from acute and chronic pain, with a special interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation. He is certified in contemporary medical acupuncture and uses it in combination with diversified chiropractic techniques, soft tissue techniques, and movement competency and rehabilitation exercises to treat patients suffering from muscle and joint pain or injury. In his spare time, Dr. Omar loves being outdoors, hiking or snowboarding, and taking on new adventures.


Dr. Jordan Biegler, TCMD, RAc, RMT

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, RMT

Dr. Jordan Biegler is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, and a Registered Massage Therapist. He has been working in the health and wellness industry for 11 years.

Having distinct and specialized disciplines, Dr. Biegler has the unique skill set to look through a variety of lenses to help diagnose and effectively work on numerous conditions. Those include musculoskeletal pain, depression, anxiety, infertility & pregnancy,  allergies, digestive disorders, insomnia, addiction and headaches/migraines. The end result – balanced and all-inclusive treatments that will create a positive impact for the patient.


In his spare time Dr. Biegler enjoys cycling, hiking and camping.

Kathleen Litzenberger

Registered Dietitian

Kathleen completed her masters in dietetics at McGill University in 2019 and is now registered with the College of Dietitians of Alberta. As a dietitian, Kathleen firmly believes that balanced eating, and fuelling both body and mind what they need, not only liberates you from the diet culture, but also helps manage symptoms of chronic diseases. Kathleen has worked with people battling a host of health issues like: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies/intolerances and other digestive concerns.

In her free time, Kathleen enjoys hiking, biking, and climbing, and she can’t wait to see what the Albertan ski slopes have to offer.


Kim Newell, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Originally from Vancouver Island, Kim has been in Calgary since 1999 and part of our team since 2014. Kim graduated from the Mount Royal University Massage Therapy program in 2010. She is trained in a number of massage modalities, including Swedish massage, essential drop therapy, and cupping. Kim understands that everyone’s massage needs are different, and will tailor your massage to suit your specific needs.

Danielle Braitman, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Danielle has been practicing massage therapy at Southcentre Health & Wellness since 2008. She graduated with a 2200 Hour Massage Therapy Diploma from Foothills College of Massage Therapy. Danielle specializes in therapeutic, relaxation, and hot stone massage. She also practices cupping, pre-natal, myofascial release techniques, as well as Thai massage.

Koby Hannem, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Koby Hannem

Koby Hannem is a graduate from Makami College and has been practicing massage therapy since 2017. He has a background in orthopedic massage which ensures that he is able to restore range of motion of individual joints in the body. Koby’s pursuit of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques has equipped him to treat the body as a whole and bring posture back into better balance to prevent injury altogether. In addition to being clinically minded, Koby has worked a great deal with people struggling with anxiety or head injuries due to MVA’s which inspired him to achieve certification in concussion protocol. Techniques he also incorporates into his treatments are myofascial release, deep tissue and trigger point therapy, PNF stretching, cupping, and lighter touch techniques when necessary.

Kristina Wilcox, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Kristina graduated from the Mount Royal University Massage Therapy Program in 2012 with 2200 hours. She assesses each client’s individual needs and goals and creates a thorough and personalized treatment plan for them. Kristina uses trigger-point therapy, joint mobilization, and Swedish massage to relax tension, increase range of motion, and promote circulation and overall healing.

Katica Spasic, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Katica Bio Photo

Katica is a Registered Massage Therapist with 3000 hours of training from Makami College; she has been treating clients since 2016. Katica combines various massage techniques such as Swedish (relaxation), deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release (including cupping), joint mobilization, stretching, as well as pre-natal and post-natal massage. Katica does lymphatic drainage, treats different conditions and injuries using various therapeutic massage techniques, and adjusts all treatments to the needs of the client.

Dan Kellam, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Dan has been practicing massage therapy since 2010, and practices everything from pre and post-natal, to whiplash and migraine treatment. He has worked on many seniors, post-stroke patients, and has performed sports therapy and rehabilitation on athletes and bodybuilders. Whether you are looking for relaxation or a deep tissue treatment, Dan will tailor each massage to suit your needs.